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Variable Nozzle Desuperheater
Variable Nozzle Desuperheater
Variable Nozzle Desuperheater
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Jual Variable Nozzle Desuperheater

Spesifikasi Variable Nozzle Desuperheater

Variable Nozzle Desuperheater
Available in 6 and 9 nozzle design
 Compatible with both pneumatic and electric actuators
Design as ANSI B 16.34
Graphite packing provided for optimal sealing with stem
Suitable to fit a variety of yokes. (ideal with - Forbes Marshall make Pneumatic Diaphragm Actuator)
Fabricated body - available in Carbon Steel/Alloy Steel/Stainless Steel (other materials available on request)
Stem - ground, hardened and roller burnished to a fine for optimum performance
Ensures back - seat sealing due to fine machining and lapping of the seat after welding
High performance spray head assembly. Gives fine atomisation of spray water
Entire assembly shall be provided with IBR approval

Typical Sizes
For Model 38 :
             Steam Side Flange : 3"
             Water Side Flange : 1", 1 1/2"
For Model 48 :
             Steam Side Flange : 4"
             Water Side Flange : 1", 1 1/2", 2"
Pressure Rating : Up to ANSI #2500
Available Forbes Marshall Pneumatic Actuator for mounting
             A. 'A' to 'Dx' Nozzles UIII-60 n/v
             B. 'E' to 'H' Nozzles : UV-100 n/v
             For 6 Nozzle Head : 1 : 18
             For 9 Nozzle Head : 1 : 27
             For Mixed Nozzle Head : More Than 1 : 27 (as per Customer's Speifications) 

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