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High Pressure Control Valve
High Pressure Control Valve
High Pressure Control Valve
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Jual High Pressure Control Valve

Spesifikasi High Pressure Control Valve

Keyvalve Control Valve
KT-28 / KT-38 / KP-28 / KP-38 Control Valve Series
Features and Benefits:
Features with regulation and shut-off functions, with options of electric and pneumatic actuators for different applications requirements.
Compact structure, high flow rate, minimal flow resistance, low pressure drop and equal-percentage flow characteristic providing precise modulating control.
Two perforated cages design (based on the unique drilled hole technology) is efficiently to create lower velocity flow stream, providing high performance in noise abatement and preventing formation of flashing and cavitation, proven to extend service life for the valve and heat exchanger.
Constructed of hard alloy, the hardened surfaces of valve plug and seat ring provide excellent control on leak seal and eliminate the potential damaging effects by debris or impurities contained inside the medium, resulting in longer valve life.
Unique stem seal design requires no maintenance and maintains reliable leak-tight seal for extended cycle life.

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